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Formula Calculator

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The Simplest Formula Calculator® on the Planet!

Tired of the same old Windows® calculator with limited functionality? Want to know what's the next big thing after conventional button-operated calculators? Wait no more! After substantial research and development in software calculators, we have successfully developed a set of powerful Formula Calculators to let you easily perform, tweak and save any calculation.

You can download FC Free to try our new concept, plus see screenshots and screencasts of each FC Product, such as FC Arithmetic, by clicking the links under Products at the top left.

Also, you can download the Free User Manual, which describes all the FC Products, and which contains many screenshots and examples.

  • Formula Calculator (FC) Free is a very easy to use, simple arithmetic calculator.
  • You can type in any calculation, with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, from the keyboard and click the = button to see the result.
  • As with all formula calculators, the complete calculation is retained, and it can be edited and re-used. For example, you can change the numbers and re-calculate without re-entering the whole calculation.
  • You can do several calculations at once.
  • It comes with complete context-sensitive Help, Hints, Examples and Tooltips.